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What people are saying about Ancient Stones Mineral Makeup:

Karen's feedback: Good Morning, Gloria, Iíve been meaning to †tell you how much Iím loving the product. †The Magic Matte has made a big difference and yes, Iím addicted to the Ancient Elixir. †I love the way my skin feels and looks! Thanks so much. ††Hope to see you soon, Karen of San Jose.

Madeline feedback:† While at Asilomar I met Gloria, and was immediately drawn to the make up concept.† I haven't worn make up in years because of extreme sensitivity to any kind I've tried.† On the second to the last day, I finally made time, and got made up.† I was told once set with the spray, it would stay on all day, and not rub off.† Hmmm.† Well, the evening was pretty cool.† I wrapped my neck with an ivory scarf, and donned a matching ivory hat, make up and all.† Trooping around the Asilomar grounds, in and out of buildings, taking the scarf and hat off and on, all evening.† I braced myself when I got back to my room.† Figured I could wash everything out, if I needed to, and hoped it would wash out.† Much to my surprise, the product lived up to its promise.† There was no sign of any rub off of the make up on my ivory hat and scarf, which I considered an excellent test, given its color.† Simply amazing.† Also, my skin is extremely sensitive, and I had no reaction whatsoever, to the product.†I can't recommend this make up enough.† I truly enjoy wearing it.† It looks and feels quite natural.†
Love and Peace, In the Light,
Madeline M., N. Hollywood, CA

Britney's feedback: I love Ancient Stones Mineral Makeup. The make up is flawless, and it still covers up my red spots just as well. Wearing this makeup is proving to be a miracle for my skin and my scarring is starting to dissipate. Others have told me how fantastic and flawless the makeup looks. I have thrown away all of my other makeup and I plan to use this makeup for the rest of my life.

(SPECIAL NOTE: With her new found makeup Britney increased her self estem and began to lose weight. She looks even more wonderful today.

Gayle's feedback: ďAs a woman over 50 I am well aware of how careful I have to be in buying makeup. Most of my friends over 50 do not buy makeup because they say it cakes, leaving an aging effect, as it settles into the wrinkles and lines. I felt the same way, until I was introduced to the wonderful products of Ancient Stones Mineral Makeup. These products are absolutely amazing, and have added beauty and fun to my life. I especially enjoy the eye shadows, which come in an array of many dazzling colors. They can also be especially made according to whatever color you can imagine. Wish for an exotic color, and it will be created for you! These eye shadows are like no others you have ever used. They are so light and translucent that they literally float on you skin. They last all day, and never liquefy and ooze into the creases of your eyes. They are completely natural and made from tiny mineral particles from the earth. These particles have an unusual ability to attract tiny photons of light. This gives your eyes a sparkling and luminescent quality--especially dramatic for eveningwear. I also love the blush and lip color, all of which have the same qualities. A light dusting with the overall face makeup gives your skin a healthy glow, as the SPF quality protects from the sun. I am Caucasian and this makeup looks great on me and all types of skin, but I have especially noticed how it enhances the lustrous beauty of darker skin tones.Ē

Janice's feedback: Hi girls. The difference I see and feel in my face and skin is amazing. I have been using Ancient Stones for over a year now and living in sunny hot Florida too. The makeup doesn't MELT off my face onto my clothes. The shadow stays on but is so lite that it doesn't leave a crease like regular makeup does after hours of wear. My skin has gone from blotchy and rough to being smooth and even. As I was turning 40 I noticed a change in the color and texture of my skin, but now it is so even. I went to a spa this past weekend and they asked what I was using and I told them just Ancient Stones Mineral makeup and a natural soap to clean it off at night. To be honest I sleep in it a lot with 4 kids I don't have time for myself. The colors are great and the complements are even better. I never used to wear such colors but with this product it is so easy to experiment and play with new liner color and accent them together and I don't look like a "made up Barbie doll" I look natural with beautiful highlights. Oh, and most importantly with 24 different foundation/concealers I don't have a problem finding the right color to match because they have so many I don't have to be too pink or too yellow or too tan I look perfect. Thanks girls your makeup is the best! Many thanks to you! love Janice in Fl

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