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How to Properly Apply Mineral Makeup - Application Directions:

Our All Natural Mineral Make-up performs best, when applied to freshly cleansed or ex-foliated dry skin. Apply moisturizer, allowing enough time (approximately 3-5 minutes) for it to absorb into the skin before applying any make-up. To find which one of our many colors are your Foundation, take a small amount on a brush and apply to the inner surface of your forearm. If you cannot see any difference between where you put the makeup on and the normal color of your skin, then this is your Foundation color. Any of the other colors can be used as a Blush, Eye, Nail, or Lip color. As you apply the makeup place a small amount into the lid of the container or use a coffee filter to put some of the makeup into. Dip brush into the lid or coffee filter and swish it around in a circle to get the makeup to load onto the brush. Then take the brush and tap the handle by its tip on to the counter to finish loading the brush. Then gently apply the makeup from the forehead down to your chest with the brush, making sure you cover the entire sun exposure area. Apply the rest of your makeup as usual.

Please apply product in this order:
1. Concealer - Goodbye Red, Fantastic Folly, Le'Vanishe or Magic Matte (if skin is has too much red use Goodbye Red or if you need a great concealer use Fantastic Folly or Le'Vanishe. Now, if the skin is oily use Magic Matte before applying your foundation)
2. Foundation (Perfect Beige, Gloria, or Desert Dream, or Brown Shugar Baby just to name a few)
3. Blush (Cactus Bloom, Port, Glory Sunset, or Bronze Java, but there are many more)
4. Eye shadow (any of the colors)
5. Spritz with the Ancient Elixir© to seal (this will prevent the makeup from rubbing off your face on to clothes or your hands so you can hug that special person in your life without fear the makeup will come off on their clothes). But, if you rub your face intentionally, the makeup will rub off.

The Ancient Elixir© and Magic Matte can be used over other makeup brands to give an airbrushed look. If your face seems too shiny apply a layer of Magic Matte after the Ancient Elixir© has dried.

Eye Liner:
Take a small amount of any color place it in the cap of the container add one drop of Ancient Elixir© to the color and blend to the consistency you want for drawing the line on your eyelid.

Experimental Eye Mascara:
Follow the above instructions, but dip a disposable mascara brush into the mixture and apply the formula to your eye lashes.

Color Lip Gloss:
Apply dry color to your lips, and then add the the clear lip treatment to create any color you desire.

Extended Color Lip Gloss:
Take a small amount of Ancient Elixir© and add any of the makeup that you wish to be a lip color and blend like the eyeliner instructions. Apply to the lips and let it dry completely. When color is dry, apply a lip gloss or our lip treatment over for moisture. The color (with practice) should stay on for an extended period of time and all you have to do is reapply the lip-gloss afterward.

Nail Polish:

Place a small amount of color on a disposable surface take clear Nail polish, dip it into the color and apply to nails. When dry, apply one to two coats of clear top coat for the desired shine.

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