Ancient Stones Nurturing Naturals
Radiant As You Are...

I am not just a pretty face, because Ancient Stones Mineral Makeup allows me to see my internal beauty. When you begin the application of the Foundation, you will notice that it is unlike any Foundation you have ever used before. If you have selected the best Foundation color for your skin, you will notice with the application that your skin has a smooth look and feel to it. You will also notice that blemished and uneven skin has a more balanced look and once you set it wih the AS Elixir you will love the flawless, airbrushed look.

Ancient Stones Nurturing Naturals
Radiant As You Are...

Check out our Foundations:

We offer 28+ Foundations; this allows every woman of every ethnic background to experience the perfect look and feel. No longer do you have to settle for an almost match, or have to blend two colors together to get the perfect Foundation for you. We are always adding to our list of Foundations to allow us to have the perfect match for our Wonderful Customers.


  Quan.   Description Price
1.   Beary Plush
Item No. BP0-1160001
2.   Beary Plush - Medium
Item No. 320-144321800
3.   Brandy
Item No. BRD-1160002
4.   Brandy - Medium
Item No. 756-144323804
5.   Brown Shugar Baby
Item No. BSB-1160003
All prices in US Dollars

Elizabeth's Corner 4 U
Foundation and Blush Specs 4 U
Makeup Brushes 4 U

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Eye Candy Shadow Special Offer
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Eye Candy Shadow Set with Ancient Elixir
Only $45.00

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Exclusive Offer - Deluxe Pack
Only $235.00

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At Ancient Stones Nurturing Naturals, we know when others can see our beauty we become more confident and we feel beautiful. We offer 100% Customer Satisfaction and Money Back Guarantee within 30 days of purchase (See Ancient Stones Guarantee details for additional information). Remember we see you, we see your internal beauty - "Beautifying the World One Woman at a Time!"